Warranty on New Product Purchases
McAlister Audio units carry a 2 year parts and labour warranty, tubes are covered for 90 days. Warranty registration cards will be included in all product going forward and will have important information regarding warranty repair if required.

Warranty on Repairs and Restorations
All repair and restoration work is guaranteed for a period of 90 days.
All tubes and replacement parts are guaranteed for a period of 90 days.
I cannot guarantee cosmetic appearance. The customer is responsible for proper packing of their equipment to avoid any cosmetic damage.

Shipping and Packaging (Please read very carefully)

All products I ship adhere to the following guidelines to ensure your new purchase or repair is received in good order at a reasonable shipping cost without hidden transport charges or additional duties

1. All equipment must be DOUBLE-BOXED with at least 3 inches of cushion or foam between the inside box and the outside box. The most important factor here is to make sure there is NO possibility that your product can move inside the packing carton. McAlister Audio will return product with the same packaging as received.

2. Tubes must be removed from products and either shipped in a separate box or packed with the equipment wrapped in foam, bubble pack and highly insulated from the equipment chassis. In some cases it might be acceptable to leave the tubes in the unit but please ask prior to shipping.

3. Please use "Fragile" or "Handle with Care" stickers on the box- your shipping provider usually will be glad to do this at no charge.

5. Please insure the shipment for maximum value of your equipment.

6. Use USPS or Economy FedEx or better if sending from the U.S. The Postal system is very reasonable and reliable- I have used this system for years on outbound shipments to the U.S. with out any problems. Xpresspost is recommended for shipping within Canada. For most Asian and European customers, international Xpresspost is recommended. Airmail or surface mail is recommended for other international customers. Avoid UPS due to past experience with poor handling and damage claims. This courier sometimes charges additional fees for border crossing making pre-paid shipments either way suddenly become collect shipments.


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